do the needful

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We shall do the needful to ensure that only those eligible are allowed to vote.
After the recent horrendous incidents such as that happened in Kasur, Mardan, Kohat and other cities, it is pragmatically required on the part of respective authorities to do the needful to protect the children from sexual abuse and molestation.
Abdul Qayyum said they promised to do the needful and also expressed their determination to recommend their government not to supply any kind of arms and ammunition to India until its seven hundred thousand personnel committing atrocities in IoK are withdrawn.
He said the petitioner filed an application with the police for the registration of a case against the minister but the SHO Civil Lines was not willing to do the needful under the law.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 2 (ANI): As India and Pakistan exchanged a list of prisoners lodged in each other's jails with request to grant consular access to Indians in their custody, including Hamid Nehal Ansari and Kulbhushan Jadhav, defence experts on Sunday said they have no hope that Islamabad would do the needful.
com minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has also warned telcos that the option of imposing penalties on erring operators could be explored if the companies fail to do the needful to improve the situation.
Or else the public will do the needful," the Sena said.
Would the authorities look into this matter and do the needful to make pure water available as in the past?
The requirements of LEAs were discussed, the Chief Secretary assured to do the needful, to this effect.
Azmat Saeed directed Deputy Attorney General Zia-ul-Qamar Bhatti to do the needful before next date of hearing.
F (Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front) never acted at any time against the development of India and her integration but supported the Indo-Sri Lankan pact even in the days of storm and strife and sacrificing 1,700 mighty Eelam Tamils pinning their faith on the promise made by the then Prime Minister Shree Rajiv Gandhi to form North East Provincial Council and to do the needful to save the Eelam Tamils from the untold atrocities committed by the Sinhalese,
Please do the needful within two weeks and let your son report back immediately he is well (sic),' the letter said to parents.