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'The 60-day timeline is very doable and we're already starting with that,' he said in a separate interview.
The party maintained that the other pledges ofthe party are also best andvery much doable.'DNT's manifestoes areinclined with the nation'sdevelopmental philosophyof Gross NationalHappiness.
d d h "I know the word doable was used a lot after the game on Saturday, but boy is it doable.
But Kerry said: "We still believe it is doable, but it takes courage and it takes strength."
The Finance Minister said that IPDF must come out with clear ideas on doable projects in both energy and infrastructure development sectors.
''From a technical point of view, this is incredibly doable, low risk.''
Do you think it is a doable business, given the Turkish political climate?
Denver, CO, May 31, 2012 --( An independent digital publisher, Hipso Media, is shaking up the publishing world at this year's BookExpo America with the release of Chef Marisol's "Deliciously Doable Small Plates from Around the World," a ground-breaking multimedia e-cookbook designed exclusively for the iPad and the tablet experience.
Expressing his disappointments on the All Parties Conference (APC), Chaudhry Aitzaz said that neither the APC resolution seem to be doable nor the drones could be struck down by resolutions.
I have for more than a year now seen these suggestions knocked back for cost and technical reasons, but if the technology is "doable" for one meeting it is doable for others.
"We have asked that the process be straightforward rather than circuitous and that all provisions agreed upon be doable and measurable," Quintos-Deles said.
"We will see what can be identified as doable, and then take it to the Foreign Ministers-level.