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In the second place, the doctor would, in all probability, have occasion to write to his daughter, or would be likely to receive letters from her; and, if I quieted all suspicion on my account, by docile behavior, and kept my eyes sharply on the lookout, I might find opportunities of surprising the secrets of his writing-desk.
The magic of money transformed this termagant and terrible person into a docile and attentive nurse--so eager to follow my instructions exactly that she begged me to commit them to writing before I went away.
Mamma had a little filial lecture afterwards, and was docile as usual.
Finding the child more docile and amiable than her sister, the old lady felt it her duty to try and counteract, as far as possible, the bad effects of home freedom and indulgence.
Harriet certainly was not clever, but she had a sweet, docile, grateful disposition, was totally free from conceit, and only desiring to be guided by any one she looked up to.
Mary would sit and watch me by the hour together: then she would take lessons; and a docile, intelligent, assiduous pupil she made.
Until your rabbit becomes very docile it is very difficult to hold a rabbit and clip claws properly at the same time.
According to the zoo administration, the calf was named Suzi due to her friendly, docile demeanour.
Inspector Emma Smith said: "The dog is physically fine, but he is very nervous and docile.
The APN has become a docile tool in the hands of the powers that be," he said in the letter, a copy of which was posted on the website of the El Watan newspaper.
Ms Boardman, from Lusk, Co Dublin, said: "She's old, docile and well-behaved.
One of the grave dangers in the Vatican's dialogue with Judaism is the Church's attempt to drive a wedge between the agooda and docile Jews of the Diaspora and the abada and arrogant Jews of Israel.