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Even the smallest and most docile of dogs can turn at a moment's notice and harm a child.
Do you want some docile type of person who is just not going to have any spirit about them or do you want someone who has got a bit of fire in their belly, who will react, who will get a bit emotional sometimes?
The preferred pooch had to be black and white and docile enough to get on with the 30 children in the cast.
The simplicity and convenience of Payne tear tape has enabled Brazilian confectionery manufacturer Docile Alimentos to provide easy opening for its range of 'Jelly Rolls' candies in a cost-effective and practical manner.
They thought the lamb would give him a new interest, as the Blue Texel - a docile breed - would be easy to handle even from a wheelchair.
They're bred to be extremely docile and are inquisitive by nature.
Sergeant Graham Brownsmith said: "Luckily it was a cold day so it was quite docile.
But Hannah Squire, prosecuting, said the animal was too docile.
Mr Morse said several teams are out looking for the social, but docile, Patas monkeys, and that they are no threat to humans.
Sri Lanka's fast bowlers were forced to work hard on a docile pitch as Omar and Nafees shared an 86-run opening stand, a record for Bangladesh against Sri Lanka.
White workers' expectations that blacks would make docile subordinates soon gave way to charges that African Americans were "saucy" and "impudent" as African Americans proved themselves to be capable hands.