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Among the described species, the new species is most similar to Metapolybia docilis Richards, 1978, and M.
One of the specimens from Villavicencio has a label in Richards' handwriting "Metapolybia docilis Richa.
However, Mercury enabled Amphion to bend stones to his will in building Thebes 'with music' (Mercuri--nam te docilis magistro / movit Amphion lapides canendo, 1-2) and the tortoise-shell lyre is the instrument par excellence (nunc et / divitum mensis et amica templis, 5-6) to help create a more relaxed atmosphere in an audience.
Rari sermones ipse, sed loquentium patiens, severus ac serius, sed hilares non aspernans, sapientiae cupidus ac docilis, quae nosti, sine arrogantia postulanti impartiens, nescis sine occultatione ignorantiae tibi impartiri.
33) descripsi docilis praecepta haec ('From him I myself, being eager to learn, took down these marvellous precepts .
Outgroup rooting (Nixon and Carpenter, 1993) was implemented with the following taxa: Charterginus nevermanni Bequaert, Epipona guerini (de Saussure), Metapolybia docilis Richards, Asteloeca traili (Cameron), and Clypearia weyrauchi Richards.