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We said earlier that the mystery in the conjunction of the rhetoric of choice and the spread of euthanasia is the docility of the ruled in society, the willingness of common citizens to be sacrificed by their doctors.
The overdue African resistance jolts the whites, who cannot comprehend the people's decision to overcome docility, just as America's white population was startled by the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.
These pigs combined the size and appearance of wild boars, with the relative docility of the domestic pig.
And a Jewish teenager gives all of us a model of docility in the face of this word: "Behold the handmaid of the Lord.
Disproving neo-authoritarian nostrums about inbred Confucian docility, Taiwan has taken to democracy with aplomb.
Protestantism could lead to slave and worker docility as well as resistance, and to either individual or collective solutions to the problems facing the working classes.
Part of it is caused by the general docility of the mainstream media here.
From Subic to Tubbataha, from Daniel Smith to Pemberton: It is one straight path to subservience and docility, sanctified by legal gobbledygook and discombobulated by legal hermeneutics.
Nonetheless, the banking fraternity and its friends in the wider establishment are aware that they cannot rely on the continued docility of the general public.
Working in collaboration with researchers from the University of Sherbrooke and the University of Alberta, Reale identified the rams in terms of boldness and docility.
Edith Stein: "The capacity for empathy with others and their needs and the capacity and docility for adaptation are more developed in the nature of woman.
These combined the docility of Leicesters with the hardiness and mothering qualities of Welsh Mountains.