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A Shakespearean theatrical heavyweight renowned for his King Lear, he also won a BAFTA best actor award playing barrister Wilfred Morgenhall in The Dock Brief.
The rest begged, borrowed or stole the guinea needed for a dock brief who was any barrister who happened to be in the court at the time the accused appeared.
"He handed out a dock brief in a murder case to a very junior barrister and steamrollered the case to conviction.
CARDIFF Chapter 029 2030 4400 Clash of the Titans 2D (12A) Sat 11.00, 15.00 Exit Through The Gift Shop (15) Tues 18.15, Wed 20.45, Thurs 14.30, 18.15 Furry Vengeance (U) Tues-Thurs 11.00 Lion's Den (15) Fri/Wed 18,15, Sat/Mon/Tues/Thurs 20.15, Sun 18.00 Revanche (15) Fri/Tues 18.00, Sat 20.30, Sun 19 Sonata (18) Fri 20.45, Sat/Mon 18.00, Sun 20.30 Trial and Error (the Dock Brief) (U) Fri 11.00, Sun 17.00, Tues 14.30 Vincere (15) Fri 14.30, 20.30; Sat/Mon 17.45, Sun/Wed 14.30, Tues 20.45, Thurs 18.00.
Legal Fictions is actually two performances in one, starting with The Dock Brief and concluding with Edwin.
A double bill of legal dramas - The Dock Brief and Edwin - by John Mortimer with a cast headed by Edward Fox.
The pair also wrote a film script together which they sent off to Northern Film and Media called The Dock Brief and the Dumb Waiter.
Several subsequent novels drew on his legal experience, but it was not until 1957, with a production of his radio play The Dock Brief, that his reputation was established.
Six novels preceded his first successful play, The Dock Brief, which won the Prix Italia for its initial radio version in 1957 and was first staged in the theatre in a double bill with What Shall We Tell Caroline?
The ambitious pair have already written a film which they have sent off to Northern Film and Media called The Dock Brief and the Dumb Waiter.