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STEVEDORE. A person employed in loading and unloading vessels. Dunl. Adm. Pr. 98. Vide Arrameurs; Sac

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GuardiCore will demonstrate its Docker support at Dockercon in the New Innovators Showcase.
We worked very closely with the Logentries' user community to develop the ultimate Docker dashboard, which includes new Logentries Query Language (LEQL) extensions for viewing custom time slices of log data, and visualizing outlier, rare and other unique events," said Trevor Parsons, Chief Scientist, Logentries.
And it allows application producers to support both traditional multiplatform installations and Docker images from the same project.
Docker is helping developers build and IT teams deploy applications at a higher scale, said Gibu K.
io, a tool for creating, composing and validating Docker Compose YAML files, makes it easy to share and deploy entire applications composed of Docker containers.
Docker is an open source engine that enables any application
By contributing a disturbing historical and cultural examination to a complex array of issues, Docker provides a timely reminder that inter-group affiliations and the paradoxical social/ anti-social dialectic of group identity formation can pose significant problems.
Pakistan were humped 7-0 at home by Iraq earlier in the group but Docker had a debut to remember as he helped them draw 0-0 in the return.
Sergeant Harry Docker, of the Royal Warwicks was sadly killed on the first day of the Battle of Loos in 1915.
Lady Docker famously played marbles with factory workers, attended a party given by a notorious criminal, even danced the hornpipe for bemused miners on board their huge yacht.
Richard Davenport, prosecuting, said Neil Docker also raided a flat above a hairdressing salon in Oldbury and stole the boiler, sending water pouring into the premises below and causing pounds 900 damage.
Today, Doreen's husband Charlie - who before the dispute had spent 29 years as a docker - is involved in the building trade.