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A written list of judicial proceedings set down for trial in a court.

To enter the dates of judicial proceedings scheduled for trial in a book kept by a court.

In practice, a docket is a roster that the clerk of the court prepares, listing the cases pending trial.

An appearance docket contains a list of the appearances in actions and a brief abstract of the successive steps in each case.

A judgment docket is a listing of the judgments entered in a particular court that is available to the public for examination. Its purpose is to give official notice of the existence of liens or judgments to interested parties.

A docket fee is a sum of money charged for the docketing of a case or a judgment or a set amount chargeable as part of the costs of the action.

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1) n. the cases on a court calendar. 2) n. brief notes, usually written by the court clerk, stating what action was taken that day in court. 3) v. to write down the name of a case to be put on calendar or make notes on action in court.

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1 an official summary of the proceedings in a court of justice.
2 a register containing such a summary.
3 a customs certificate declaring that duty has been paid.
4 a certificate giving particulars of a shipment and allowing its holder to obtain a delivery order.
5 a list of cases awaiting trial.
6 the names of the parties to pending litigation.
7 to make a summary of a document or a judgment.
8 to abstract and enter in a book or register.
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DOCKET, practice. A formal record of judicial proceedings.
     2. The docket should contain the names of the parties, and a minute of every proceeding in the case. It is kept by the clerk or prothonotary of the court. A sheriff's docket is not a record. 9 Serg. & R. 91. Docket is also said to be a brief writing, on a small piece of paper or parchment, containing the substance of a larger writing.

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But, nondocketed or docketed, large or small dollars, it is always a "strategy for success" to come to Appeals.
The procedures allow taxpayers whose cases are in Appeals and not docketed in any court to request mediation.
This article will address the use of mediation under the new IRS procedures for the Appeals administrative process, and discuss the proposed use of mediation in docketed Tax Court cases.
95-86(4) was issued, addressing mediation procedures for issues in the Appeals administrative process and not docketed in any court, during a one-year test period beginning Oct.
The procedures set forth via IRS memorandum(11) for mediation to resolve docketed Tax Court cases parallel those in Ann.
The first issue addressed by the memorandum is the question of the authority for use of mediation in docketed Tax Court cases.
If the work is not done, the complaint will be docketed and prioritized in the DHCR system.
Under the proposed procedure, mediation will be initially limited to Coordinated Examination Program (CEP) cases assigned to Appeals Team Chiefs; it will not be available for docketed cases, Industry Specialization Program (ISP) issues, or Appeals Coordinated Issues (ACI).
Although the number of general docketed cases has declined, the remaining cases contain an increasing number of the so-called jumbo cases.
The Yamaha case had been docketed for nearly four and a half years before the IRS's new theory of the case was unveiled.
Currently, there are 249 section 482 cases in Appeals, of which 74 are docketed and 175 are undocketed.