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To curtail or diminish, as, for example, to dock a person's wages for lateness or poor work. The cage or enclosed space in a criminal court where prisoners stand when brought in for trial.

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an enclosed space in a court of law where the accused sits or stands during trial.
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This initiative of harnessing contemporary technology by indigenously designing as well as manufacturing of Marine Debris Collection Barges at PN Dockyard is a testimony of Pakistan Navy's resolve for achieving pollution free harbours.
The group warned that, 'the Ijaw nation will resist any attempt to divert the Nigerian Maritime University Dockyard from its permanent site, Okerenkoko to any other place in the country.
Rear Admiral Sanjeev Kale, who was at the helm of Naval Dockyard, Mumbai for 18 months, will take over as the Chief Staff Officer (Technical) at HQWNC.
Abet Garcia and concerned government agencies to intervene and prevent the mayor from further harassing the owner of the dockyard for the sake of our town and the hundreds of constituents that benefit from the company," Ramirez told local newsmen.
Sir Jock told BBC1's Andrew Marr Show: "There is clearly the issue of affordability in the round but there is also now the difficulty that we have which is we have a terms of business agreement with the dockyards. "The reason that this was reached was actually entirely sensible.
This is first time in the history of Colombo Dockyard that they have manufactured passenger vessel for any overseas buyer.
In the 25-year existence of the Verolme Cork Dockyards, 33 ships were built and 1,500 men were employed at its peak.
Editor MacDougall, a naval dockyard historian, has assembled a considerable quantity of documents, correspondence, and other information to provide insight into the workings of a British naval dockyard during the transformative period between 1815 and 1865.
Pc Ivan Smith used the covert spot to overhear proceedings at a meeting of dockyard apprentices discussing strike action in December 1941.
The 14 people include members of the crew of the 45,000-ton Grus, employees of the dockyard and firefighters.
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