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This is only the second occasion the University has awarded Honorary Doctorates.
Speaking after the ceremony, Charles Tilley said: "I am delighted to be awarded this honorary doctorate.
Brian added: "The doctorate was demanding and tested my commitment to achieving but I can now carry what I've learned into my own business.
Other celebrities and politicians who have accepted honorary doctorates from Irish universities include Ronald Reagan, Bertie Ahern, Roy Keane, Gay Byrne and Bill Cullen.
The Chancellor of the University, Lord Morris of Aberavon, who presented the doctorate, said: "Sir Jon played a crucial role in establishing the National Assembly for Wales and, as Permanent Secretary, successfully embedding devolution in Wales.
UAE national, Tarifa Al Zaabi, who is part of BUiD's 2009 intake for the Educational Doctorate, and Dean of Student Services at the Higher College of Technology in Sharjah, said: "This is the first time the UAE offers such a course, and to have an Educational Doctorate is very important as it provides me with the right skills to help improve the education service we provide to Emirati students.
The board is looking for a replacement for Bradley Byrne, who had a law degree but no doctorate.
Other prominent members are Ali Al-Takhees, who holds a doctorate in hydrology and water resource management from University of Colorado; Abdul Aziz Al-Eissa, who holds a master's degree in comparative jurisprudence; Mohammed Naseef, professor of geochemistry at King Abdulaziz University; and Saleh Al-Namlah, who holds a doctorate degree in political science from a US university.
A doctoral qualification is like an admission ticket to the research world as a doctorate is an internationally recognised symbol that one should be taken seriously as an academic and researcher.
The Archbishop of York The Most Reverend John Sentamu receives his honorary Doctorate from Birmingham City University at Symphony Hall JS040208BISH-10 Picture, JASON SKARRATT
Community Colleges having taken on increased responsibility and prestige in the Global Information Society awarding the honorary doctorate is now a new option given the change in status of the two-year colleges.

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