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Borbasi and Emden (2001) note that completing a doctorate in nursing does not necessarily prepare nurses to be better clinicians or managers and they found that most nurses undertake higher degrees to fulfil personal goals.
She earned a bachelors from DePaul University, a masters from the University of Pennsylvania and a doctorate from Columbia Commonwealth University.
This inaugural class of 60 doctorate students from our great partner USC Rossier marks a noteworthy milestone for 2U in which we support the first 2U-enabled doctorate offering," said Chip Paucek, CEO and Co-founder of 2U, Inc.
12 to appreciate Kemal's work, including academic panels to discuss his contribution to Turkish literature, followed by the honorary doctorate ceremony.
X" Broadcaster and fertility expert Prof Robert Winston was also due to receive an honorary BCU doctorate today.
Speaking at the ceremony at St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, Moloney said: "It is a great musical achievement for The Chieftains to be receiving an honorary doctorate from DIT.
Of course, I wouldn't have a doctorate if it weren't for the training of many fantastic professors at the University of Washington.
With respect to university professors, it is important to note that the category of "university professor" used in in the 1991 standard occupational classification does not distinguish among those working full- or part-time, nor whether professors are tenure-track or contract or whether they have an earned doctorate.
OPERA superstar Bryn Terfel is to be awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Bangor University for his contribution to music.
CIMA chief executive Charles Tilley has been presented with an honorary doctorate from BPP University College, London, in recognition of his services to the accounting profession.
Now, more than 40 years later he has achieved a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from Teesside University after five years' part-time study.
BROADCASTER Eamon Dunphy has revealed how he turned down the offer of an honorary doctorate from an unnamed college because he "didn't feel I deserved it".