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HADATH, Lebanon: Mathematics scholars from around the world gathered at the Lebanese University's Doctorial School for Science and Technology Friday to kick off the Lebanese Society for Mathematical Science's 6th annual conference.
According to the data required in the above established prediction model, some newly graduated students (graduated in 2007, 2008 and 2009, including undergraduates, graduates and doctorial students) from Sichuan Agricultural University and their current working units are chosen for questionnaire, 4,367 questionnaire forms are distributed and 3,672 of them were collected, and 2,116 with more complete information were selected, and subsequently, the credit situations of the students at school and recently graduated students are analyzed based on the feedback from the students' affairs office of the university, the working units of the graduated students and the lending banks, and integral information for 1,816 students is finally achieved.
1997), Organizational Cynicism: Its Nature, Antecedents, and Consequences, University Of Oklahoma, Doctorial Dissertation.
The author allowed access to the data and interpretations to his advisors for his doctorial thesis, who were well-versed in humanistic psychology, grounded theory, meaning research, and narrative analysis, and to a fellow doctoral student.
Assessment of cardiovascular reactivity by means of spectral analysis, Unpublished doctorial thesis, University of Groningen, Netherlands.
2007CB814905), and the Research Fund for the Doctorial Program of Higher Education of China.
This grant will help align the curriculum with the recommendations of IOM's report, to double the number of doctorial candidates by 2020.
Doctorial Dissertation, Department of Business Administration, University of Illinois.
Staples, "Safari Ethnography: Expeditionary Film, Popular Science and the Work of Adventure Tourism" (Tesis doctorial, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2001).
Doctorial Dissertation, University of Texas, Lubbock, TX.
The university has enrolment of over 22 thousand students including 2200 doctorial and post-graduate students from more than 50 countries.
This community is individually consisted of professors, doctorial scholars, men and women pursuing mastery over various specific subject fields, together with youths and teenagers undertaking the basic fundamentals of knowledge in diverse fields of learning.