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Chittister lists the complaints of lay Catholics living in Italy regarding modern spirituality-based movements, adding her own apparent dislike for these movements by calling them "quasi-religious orders, defined, hierarchical and doctrinaire.
Planners and decision makers have struck rigidly to a doctrinaire approach aimed at forcing motorists off the road and blaming them for congestion when the complete lack of infrastructure is the problem," said a society spokesman.
His views on the BBC are a perfect example of his sensible moderation and freedom from a doctrinaire approach which is the essence of Toryism.
One of her deputies is Canadian Stephen Lewis, former leader of the Ontario NDP and another doctrinaire proabortionist and anti-Catholic.
Post-speech question-and-answer sessions frequently were showcases for doctrinaire Marxists quoting ready-made lies about American foreign policy and shadowy media cabals.
The subsequent problems of the state education system, in Britain at least, were much more to do with doctrinaire teaching theories coupled with the disaster of Thatcherism, which and a distain for anything to do with society.
When Greenberg left, it took ten years for The Nation to find an adequate replacement, in the less doctrinaire Fairfield Porter.
The answer is very simple: the artificial competition created solely for doctrinaire reasons in telecoms means there simply aren't the engineers available for the various competing companies to install these vital services.
In her hectoring interview of Andrew Sullivan, Sarah Schulman came across as Jane Fonda at her doctrinaire loopiest ["Man in the Hot Seat," January 19].
The dominion theology sector of the Christian evangelical right, especially its most zealous and doctrinaire branch, Christian Reconstructionists
O'Casey's subsequent plays have been less successful, frequently hampered by the somewhat doctrinaire socialist message imposed upon them.