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During the assessment phase, the doctrinal proponent conducts research to determine what doctrine is available on a given subject.
In past decades, the doctrinal office was known for taking a proactive stance toward theological investigations, hunting out Catholic priests or academics who might be straying over any doctrinal lines.
Still, there was one other thought nagging at the back of my brain: Would hundreds, thousands, of people be equally engaged in doctrinal issues if not for the primary issue of sexuality?
One example is the recent discussions of the imago Dei, and whether the biblical and doctrinal traditions that support it are compatible with evolutionary theory and helpful to environmental concerns.
Seeing Doctrinal Indeterminacy as an Empirical Question.
issue (forty-two cases, with eighty citations); (2) doctrinal works that
Twomey's core argument is that strategists look through a doctrinal "lens" when assessing capabilities and intentions and that this weakens deterrence in two ways: the credibility of others' threats is discounted, because their doctrines are thought to be ineffective, and the others' signals are missed by the use of one's own doctrine as a template for indicators.
The second step is an exploration of the witness of scripture, while the third step is an overview of "a broad range of references to doctrinal authority which the churches hold in common.
The doctrinal content of the work is presented in the form of a conversation between Lord Siva and his son Kumara.
Kretchik seeks to provide an overview of the US Army's dominant doctrinal publications and some of the individuals who shaped its operations from 1779 to 2008.
Political speeches have been lined with doctrinal instructions as an attempt to spark off sectarian conflicts and disputes.
WASHINGTON--The Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) called for major reform of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), issuing a harsh criticism of the group resulting from a doctrinal assessment that began in 2008.