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If one of these men were to become pope, the result would certainly not be radical doctrinal innovation.
This was not the case at the doctrinal congregation.
First, the tensions experienced recently in reaction to the manner and tone of certain doctrinal positions asserted on the Catholic side with, as a counterpoint, a tendency to relativize all forms of doctrinal authority on the part of Reformation churches; and second, the great hope represented by the official signing of the Lutheran-Roman Catholic Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification by Faith.
Other notable doctrinal successes in addressing civil considerations include:
Something similar might be said of the word "justice"; it would refer principally either to a political symbol, a doctrinal concept, or an interior reality.
Muller was nearing the end of his 10th year as bishop of Regensburg, Germany, in July 2012 when Pope Benedict XVI called him to Rome to head the doctrinal office.
Early popes only rarely weighed in on theological and doctrinal matters, but by the time of the pontificate of John Paul II the pope had become, in effect, the chief theologian of the church.
Mullins announced the founding of a new theological quarterly for Southern Baptists, The Baptist Review & Expositor, a tool he hoped would, according to his biographer, "control doctrinal debate among his brethren" and "intellectualize conservative Christian thought.
What these scholars (and we all) need is clarification of the distinction between the doctrinal and systematic modes of inquiry.
We have a whole afternoon dedicated to talking about the experience, especially the doctrinal assessment," said LCWR spokeswoman Immaculate Heart of Mary Sr.
issue (forty-two cases, with eighty citations); (2) doctrinal works that