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"Discovery Time" about what and how the congregation could phrase a doctrinal statement on being open and affirming of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.
(2) On November 23, 1992, General Colin Powell signed a memorandum (CM-1502-92, Subject: A Doctrinal Statement of Selected Joint Operational Concepts) that formalized an accompanying paper titled A Doctrinal Statement of Selected Joint Operational Concepts.
The college initially suspended her for a semester and asked her to reaffirm its doctrinal statement but now says it is unsatisfied with her doctrinal justifications for her remarks.
On December 10, 1924, the ABA adopted a statement of faith that closely followed the New Hampshire Confession of Faith with the addition of twelve doctrinal statements. These twelve statements were already included in the previous GBA doctrinal statement of 1905.
Could not a good case be made that it would be ill-advised for the CDF to ever issue a doctrinal notification before first explicitly consulting the PBC to ensure that the biblical foundations for that doctrinal statement were sound and rendered explicit?
Scanlon's argument holds true, one has to wonder why Pope Pius IX did not make his original pronouncement on the relation of an individual to the state in regards to religious freedom a pastoral rather doctrinal statement? If they were certain of their convictions, why also did the Church Fathers at Vatican II not make their pronouncement on the relation of an individual to the state a doctrinal rather than pastoral statement?
This is not a doctrinal statement but a visual experience; perhaps Thomas wants to remind us of faith's affective dimension.
Although Gustav Vasa did not permit the promulgation of a doctrinal statement, both the Swedish and Danish kingdoms made the care of the church central concerns of kingship.
Wary of people parroting doctrinal statement, they show us how to live a fuller, better life.
As such, it presupposes the conventional understanding of "confession" as a doctrinal statement that Christians adopt as an authoritative expression of their faith.
"The Scriptures shall be interpreted according to their normal grammatical-historical meaning, and all issues of interpretation and meaning shall be determined by the preacher," the Courier Mail quoted Grizzard as explaining in the Parish doctrinal statement. (ANI)
This led to the imposition of a doctrinal statement by the ruler, Elector Johann Friedrich II.