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Indeed, it is against doc-trinarians--of any kind--that Aronson writes his portrait of the legendary Israeli prime minister, and it is the idea of the renaissance as a mindset of hybridity, "synthesis and renewal" that enables us to think of Ben-Gurion as anything but a doctrinarian.
The doctrinarian religious objections are largely based on interpretations of sacred texts, as well as on explicit points of view expressed by representatives of religious institutions.
I'm a totally inconsistent crackpot, and George was a totally consistent doctrinarian, or whatever you want to call him, but not a crackpot.
As such, they are separate phenomena in sports law, in a doctrinarian sense.
There are some rare Nevelsons of later-'60s vintage--not included here--that may be compared to the production of that stern doctrinarian, works Nevelson had fabricated outside the studio.
Neoliberalism within Latin America "reached the category of a doctrinarian dogma and applied itself with special rigor," and as a consequence the "exploitative model has converted Latin America and the Caribbean into a real social bomb ready to explode.