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A written or printed instrument that conveys information.

The term document generally refers to a particular writing or instrument that has a bearing upon specific transactions. A deed, a marriage license, and a record of account are all considered to be documents.

When a document is signed and the signature is authentic, the law accurately expresses the state of mind of the individual who signed it. A false document is one of which a material portion is purported to have been made or authorized by someone who did not do so. It can also be a document that is falsely dated or which has allegedly been made by or on behalf of someone who did not in fact exist.

An ancient document is a writing presumed by the court to be genuine due to its antiquity, because it has been produced from a reliable source where it would be logically found, and because it has been carefully kept.

A private document is any instrument executed by a private citizen. A public document is one that is or should legally be readily available for inspection by the public, as a document issued by Congress or a governmental department.

Judicial documents include inquisitions, depositions, examinations, and affidavits.


Ancient Writing.

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n. a popular generic word among lawyers for any paper with writing on it. Technically it could include a piece of wood with a will or message scratched on it. (See: documentary evidence)

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It is just as likely that program managers can show in a documentable way when something started to go wrong and predictably determined the outcome.
But Red (who wrote the feature) has the only documentable original Tom Threepersons holster, and this is his first-ever copy of it.
Thus, it may be possible to avoid bilateral VC paralysis, and the test can offer medico-legal assurance by providing quantitative and documentable information.
Target-Date Radar provides plan advisors with an established, repeatable methodology and a documentable process for assessing, selecting and monitoring TDFs.
For larger firms with stronger balance sheets and track records, demand appears to be the main constraint (e.g., due to uncertainties around EU-funds and economic prospects), while for smaller firms and households supply factors are likely to play a bigger role (e.g., due to lack of collateral or documentable income).
"To the extent possible given generally limited space, education about the product in general and documentable claims about its effectiveness are always important.
"It is really important that this is a documentable process," notes Mark Ray, of Praxis Consulting.
The tool is developed to replace the fivestep process, thus providing pipeline operators with a simple documentable EB-IMP tool to make assessment and repair decisions.
But one problem in Georgia, especially, is that the many of the enrollees who turned out to be heavy users of health care did not come in with documentable risk conditions.
Case study A sets up the freedom gained from subordinating timelines: it blends an imagined performance of Shakespeare's Richard III in the 1590s with 'a very real, documentable experience' of Sanders's own 'in the late summer of 2012' (20).