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They identify early, documentable gains and communicate them widely as success stories.
Home energy efficiency and sustainability have been major policy priorities for the Obama administration, but lurking in the background are two consistent, pesky questions: Beyond the documentable savings on utilities bills, do such steps add to the resale value of a home?
For example, FDA compliance is based on making processes repeatable, documentable and standardized to ensure product safety, but these specifications don't necessarily relate to manufacturing efficiencies.
Instead, this is a documentable physiological event, this transference, and it has consequences for understanding what we do as poets, this communicating to the brain/mind of another person (1) through the tool of language or paint or a camera.
Here and in her concluding chapter she asserts that while there is a documentable change in ceramic production between Level 7 ("Mitanni" period) and Levels 6-3 (Middle Assyrian occupation), strong points of continuity also exist.
One is that China's provocations have been tangible, documentable policies, while Beijing's complaints about India are more abstract.
Is assessment grounded in documentable ways with multiple sources and dimensions?
Grandparenting components of the bill provided a mechanism for allied clinicians and non-degreed counselors, with documentable addictions-specific training, to become licensed without additional examination.
These provide contact centers with a platform of best practices, documentable procedures and measurable compliance tools.
That is a perverse inversion: The unlawful transformation of civilians and civilian objects into supporting infrastructure for violent jihad against Israel is, as the ITIC study shows at great length and with massive supporting evidence, a documentable and essential feature of Hamas's strategy.
Is there documentable cash flow through the life of the loans?
Empirical study also entails historically or socio-scientific studies of documentable phenomena, which go hand in hand with adumbration of the field.