documentary evidence

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Documentary Evidence

A type of written proof that is offered at a trial to establish the existence or nonexistence of a fact that is in dispute.

Letters, contracts, deeds, licenses, certificates, tickets, or other writings are documentary evidence.

documentary evidence

n. any document (paper) which is presented and allowed as evidence in a trial or hearing, as distinguished from oral testimony. However, the opposing attorney may object to its being admitted. In the first place, it must be proved by other evidence from a witness that the paper is genuine (called "laying a foundation"), as well as pass muster over the usual objections such as relevancy. (See: document, evidence)

See: certification

documentary evidence

evidence in written rather than oral form. The admissibility of such evidence depends on the authenticity of the document and the purpose for which it is being offered in evidence.
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The statement read, "The JSPL has, throughout the investigation process, cooperated with the law enforcement agencies and provided documentary evidence that would have entirely negated these baseless allegations of misrepresentation.
If the contents of complaint are found correct and supported by documentary evidence, AGP may order inquiry/disciplinary action against the functionary under the relevant rules.
This is just a list, no other documentary evidence," Ejercito said.
In meetings between NAB and US officials held to ensure the implementation of guarantees given by NAB while arresting Khan, the US officials have asked the bureau to produce sound documentary evidences before framing fresh charges against the accused.
The court noted that an inmate has a qualified right to call witnesses and present documentary evidence in his defense, but only when permitting him to do so will not be unduly hazardous to institutional safety or correctional goals.
Krug analyzes changes in Margaret Paston's sense of herself as an author and authority that respond to her son's replacement of her husband as head of the family: Margaret's confidence in her ability to use textual evidence to support Paston's claims to property and gentility collided with her son's more cynical attitudes toward documentary evidence learned through his experiences in Edward IV's court.
This article discusses Canada's soon-to-be-released Electronic Records as Documentary Evidence standard.
The most valuable sections of her book come towards the end when she discusses the local politics of the Irish Labour party between 1922 and 1950 using oral history to complement documentary evidence.
According to the May 9th Sydney Morning Herald, Wallace said that while there is documentary evidence that Iraq was seeking to develop chemical and biological weapons, U.
Through his own narrative and the documentary evidence, the author's goal is to assert that his father should rightfully be called the founder of the PNBC.
do I find documentary evidence that establishes that same-sex dancing is sinful or sexual under Catholic dogma.
Vitruvius, who on the current documentary evidence seems to have been all-Italian, is not mentioned.