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Because the regulations do not give taxpayers any specific guidance as to the form, nature and degree of documentation needed to substantiate research credit claims, taxpayers must look to other IRS programs and documents available to identify and assemble documentation that will support their research credit claims.
This documentation would code to DRG 149: Major small and large bowel procedures without a comorbidity or complication.
Therefore, the documentation of your Y2K efforts may be as important as the efforts themselves.
Retention periods for identified Y2K documents will vary with the type of documentation and its expected use.
In particular, TEl is concerned that the contemporaneous documentation requirement may prompt taxpayers to devote inordinate resources to the preparation of such documentation.
Based on its research, Company C decides to focus its value proposition not just on the benefits or differences from competitors of its module, but on how it can provide seamless, coordinated pre-operative and intraoperative documentation to prevent operating room delays.
96's guidance by requiring that audit documentation be sufficient for an experienced auditor to understand--among other things--the nature, timing, extent and results of auditing procedures the engagement auditors performed, the audit evidence they obtained and the conclusions they reached on significant matters.
Lenders are underwriting subprime loans with alternative documentation diligently," the report noted.
The organic sector provides many examples where the value of the product depends on documentation related to inputs.
Tracking and scheduling processes with historical tracking and appropriate documentation attachments--enhanced with alerts driven by integrated benchmarking and scorecarding--reduce the effort; increase the visibility of an operation's efficiency and effectiveness; and ultimately improve the cost/benefit factor of compliance.
A management decision to totally disassemble and reassemble a broken documentation system using the same parts (persons, policies, practices) predictably yielded the same noncompliance.
Using speech recognition to improve the manual transcription process is an alternative that is gaining tremendous momentum in the healthcare market because it can offer both significant cost and time savings," said Frank Reeves, CEO of Expresiv Technologies, a provider of clinical documentation automation software.

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