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And his second claim, that the encounter between Bismarck and Hood "is perhaps the most documented event in naval history," will come as news to German naval historians who are all too aware of the fact that Bismarck's war diary (Kriegstagebuch) went down with the ship.
World War II is the most photographed and documented event in history and, when I started looking for a record of these events, it was just stunning to me.
After all, World War II was the most documented event in history.
The documented event I began with was a particularly awful experience of a group of parents finding their dead children in a Camden, New Jersey, parking lot.
Major Finding: Compared with RA patients without a cardiovascular disease event, those with at least one documented event had significantly lower total hip and lumbar spine bone mineral density, and were four times as likely to have osteoporosis (60% vs.
Also, I advise him not to scratch should he get an itch, because everything that happens during the conference is recorded, and as such, his scratching would become a documented event in the conference's archive.
The truth is that the Holocaust is the most documented event in human history.
We may regret that the best documented event in Storace's life was an incident of youthful indiscretion; even so, his letter is valuable in demonstrating the high degree of accuracy of a lengthy anecdote in Kelly's Reminiscences.
It proves to be a meandering, roughly chronological story in which myth, folk tale, fiction, doctrinal exegesis, and documented event mingle cheerfully (together with external oddments) in an undifferentiated world of fact, metaphor, and meta-history.
He pointed out that the idea was also to revive the old method of documenting events before cameras were invented where painters or poets documented events through their creations.
From documented events of Israeli troops callously firing at peaceful demonstrators with US supplied tanks, killing and maiming scores of people, and US supplied helicopters firing missiles at a Palestinian family gathering on a beach, the US has not surprised with its veto of Israeli practices in the United Nations.
The wedding, at Westminster Abbey on November 20, 1947, was one of the most widely documented events in royal history Philip had an official stag do the night before at the Dorchester Hotel, Central London, which the media were invited to photograph.