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A written or printed instrument that conveys information.

The term document generally refers to a particular writing or instrument that has a bearing upon specific transactions. A deed, a marriage license, and a record of account are all considered to be documents.

When a document is signed and the signature is authentic, the law accurately expresses the state of mind of the individual who signed it. A false document is one of which a material portion is purported to have been made or authorized by someone who did not do so. It can also be a document that is falsely dated or which has allegedly been made by or on behalf of someone who did not in fact exist.

An ancient document is a writing presumed by the court to be genuine due to its antiquity, because it has been produced from a reliable source where it would be logically found, and because it has been carefully kept.

A private document is any instrument executed by a private citizen. A public document is one that is or should legally be readily available for inspection by the public, as a document issued by Congress or a governmental department.

Judicial documents include inquisitions, depositions, examinations, and affidavits.


Ancient Writing.


n. a popular generic word among lawyers for any paper with writing on it. Technically it could include a piece of wood with a will or message scratched on it. (See: documentary evidence)


noun book, certificate, confirmation, diploma, evidence, evidentiary record, instrument, litterae, official publication, paper, proof, record, recorded material, register, report, tabula, verification, writ, written material
Associated concepts: allograph, ancient documents, cancellation of document, document of a public nature, document of title, integrated document, legal documents, public doccment


verb assemble the facts, authenticate, back, bear out, buttress, circumstantiate, collect evidence, confirm, corroborate, demonstrate, establish, evidence, fortify, give references, justify, make certain, make evvdent, manifest, prove, provide with documents, provide with proof, show, strengthen, substantiate, support, uphold, validate, verify
See also: adduce, attest, bear, blank, certify, cite, confirm, corroborate, deed, dossier, establish, evidence, file, form, index, itemize, note, quote, record, relate, roll, show, state, sustain, verify, will
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As the editor points out in his introductory remarks, "The book contains a variety of perspectives, united by the shared need of software documenters to make software products more usable.
Ce grand rassemblement aura pour objectif d'etablir une charte nationale contre la violence , la creation d'un observatoire de lutte contre la violence qui sera charge de collecter et documenter et repertorier les atteintes et les agressions , et l'elaboration d'un plan d'action notamment concernant les medias qui ont parfois attribue une tribune a des personnes qui ont appele a la violence ou qui l'ont justifiee .
La blague marocaine est riche dans ce domaine, vous pouvez vous documenter dans le repertoire populaire, vous ne trouverez qu'un seul qualificatif : Instituteur = [beaucoup moins que] Mesquine [beaucoup plus grand que] (pauvre).
Deux decennies plus tard, Marie France Labrecque est en mesure, grace a une analyse fine, de documenter les effets, sur le plan local et regional, des politiques de developpement mises en place par l'Etat national sous l'egide de l'Etat international.
Mais au dela des aspects proprement judiciaires, on trouvera dans ce livre presque toutes les informations pertinentes pour se documenter sur la question des enfants de Duplessis.
beaucoup moins que]Je dois admettre que je n'ai rien trouve sur le colonel pour me documenter, a l'exception de deux livres ecrits par Bali Belahcen qui m'ont aide dans mon travail[beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il precise.
Si, pour Lamonde, l'ambivalence definit l'identite quebecoise, il s'agit de constater et de documenter la chose en evitant surtout d'en tirer la consequence politique.
Dans l'editorial de ce guide, Achour Bouziane, journaliste et critique, a qualifie cette publication d'opportunite pour la presse qui couvre ce festival, de se documenter sur les lectures des projections, precisant que c'est aussi [beaucoup moins que]une occasion de valoriser les capacites touristiques de la wilaya d'Oran[beaucoup plus grand que].
La proximite culturelle entre la chercheuse et ses informateurs ne l'aura pas incitee a se documenter systematiquement a priori sur la culture anglo-saxonne.
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