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noun case history, chronicle, data, documentation, evidence, exhibits, file, legal instruments, manuscript, moving papers, offiiial writing, papers
Associated concepts: ancient documents, attorney-client privilege, attorney's work product, documentary evidence, production of documents, public documents, subpoena, traditional documents
See also: credentials, data, evidence

DOCUMENTS, evidence. The deeds, agreements, title papers, letters, receipts, and other written instruments used to prove a fact. Among the civilians, by documents is also understood evidence delivered in the forms established by law, of whatever nature such evidence may be, but applied principally to the testimony of witnesses. Savig. Dr. Rom. Sec. 165.
     2. Public documents are all such records, papers and acts, as are filed in the public offices of the United States or of the several states; as, for example, public statutes, public proclamations, resolutions of the legislature, the journals of either branch of the legislature, diplomatic correspondence communicated by the president to congress, and the like. These are in general evidence of the facts they contain or recite. 1 Greenl. Sec. 491.

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Now, sir, I must ask you more particularly what this document is, and why its disappearance should have such momentous consequences?
And to whom would this document be sent if it fell into the hands of an enemy?
You think, sir, that unless this document is recovered there will be war?
Now, sir, if a document of this importance were taken at that hour, where can it be now.
The mighty Mahars," he said, "are unable to reconcile your statement that the document is lost with your action in sending it to them by a special messenger.
He then renewed the conversation, and made great pecuniary offers to the carpenter, in case the latter should give information leading to the discovery of the lost document, and the consequent success of the Eastern claim.
Put me in possession of the document essential to establish my rights, and the House of the Seven Gables is your own
But first, sir, if you desire tidings of this lost document, I must crave the favor of a little talk with your fair daughter Alice.
The importance of the document in question renders it advisable to neglect no possible, even if improbable, method of regaining it.
With still reluctant hands, and not without several glances towards the skeleton hands, as if he mistrusted that a couple of them might spring forth and clutch the document, Wegg opened the hat-box and revealed the cash-box, opened the cash-box and revealed the will.
I like my art, and I know how to exercise my art, and I mean to have the keeping of this document.
He and Venus were necessarily seated close together, as each held a corner of the document, which was but a common sheet of paper.

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