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Provider of packaged application performance management (APM) solutions for enterprise content management (ECM) applications, Reveille Software, announced on Friday that its Reveille Management Console for EMC Documentum now supports EMC Documentum D2 and EMC Documentum Mobile.
Already in use by nearly 5,300 organizations, Documentum ApplicationXtender enables customers to quickly deploy an "electronic file cabinet" for fixed content images, documents, reports and other business- related content.
Documentum channel partner, e-IDC, a leading provider of technology solutions for the design and construction industry, integrates Documentum eRoom.
In addition, CYA SmartReplicator, with its first-time accreditation, is the industry's only ECM fail-over solution that resolves synchronicity issues between metadata and content within the primary and standby repositories for EMC Documentum customers.
A longstanding Documentum customer, Bechtel first deployed Documentum for a central repository to easily access and leverage the company's content, consisting of engineering drawings, contracts, proposals and traditional office documents.
Corticon's Business Rules Management System for Documentum, automates complex decisions within business processes which are designed and orchestrated using the EMC Documentum Process Suite, EMC's business process management (BPM) offering.
Documentum 5 enables native XML authoring, management and reuse, and empowers non-technical, business users to easily create and publish XML content, which can accelerate S&P's time-to-benefit in publishing its research and analysis.
Interwise[R], the global leader in unlimited voice, Web and video conferencing for the enterprise, today announced that Interwise Connect[TM] for Documentum and eRoom has received the "Designed for EMC Documentum" designation, a mark of quality and value that customers insist on, in enterprise applications.
Automating business processes using standards-based Documentum BPM technology offers efficiency gains for customers in addressing both highly structured business processes as well as collaborative, unstructured, content- enabled processes such as new product development and project management.
com), a leading provider of search software and expertise, today announced that it has joined the EMC Documentum Application Developer Program.
We are extremely pleased to see that the number of Documentum-based applications that customers have developed continues to grow, as demonstrated by the number and variety of entrants in this year's awards program," said Dave De Walt president of the Documentum division of EMC.
With XMetaL, Documentum users can now create XML content with unparalleled speed and ease while working with the market-leading enterprise content management system.

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