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Two Central Massachusetts Dodge franchises are among 789 dealerships that Chrysler plans to close under a bankruptcy plan filed in court yesterday.
Krause, majority owner of the Dudley dealership, said he received notice yesterday he will lose his Dodge franchise in June.
Early works such as Black and Blue (1946) and Frankie and Johnny: In Memory of "Tricky Sam" Nanton (1947-1948) show Dodges' profound concerns with racism and also his love of jazz, particularly the music of Duke Ellington, with whom Dodge was friends.
Joseph Jeffers "Jerry" Dodge (1917-1997) was named director of the newly established Cummer Gallery of Art in Jacksonville, Florida in 1962.
This change has been in the works for some time, but when only two Dodges qualified for the Chase for the Nextel Cup Championship, the need for a change seemed imminent.
The last time the Dodge Charger competed in NASCAR was 1977.
The thing that should be noticed is that late in the race, the Dodges really had everybody covered.
We're racing a 1997 Taurus against 2003 Dodges, Chevrolets and Pontiacs.
But this year, the Dodges of Sterling Marlin and Ward Burton have been stealing the show.
While the Fords have a two-race streak to build on and the Dodges have the top drivers and returners, the Pontiacs of Stewart and Labonte could sneak in and steal a win.
The Dodges founded their nonprofit organization HORSE, or Help Our Rescue Save Equines, four years ago.
Since then the Dodges have dedicated themselves to finding a good home for each imperiled equine they come in contact with, or at least providing a safe resting spot for the animal's waning years.