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I am very pleased that Gary Doer has agreed to work on behalf of Albertans to help communicate our position on softwood lumber to decision makers in Canada and the U.
A veritable labor force of Doers has emerged since GladlyDo's inception in 2006.
Thinkers are the dreamers, imagining the things doers will make, considering whether those things are needed and what effect they will have.
The true Left in Manitoba used to console itself that at the very least, Gary Doer could be counted on to block the provincial Conservatives.
Of course it is so very easy to take a swipe at the "do gooders" and then to glorify the evil doers.
But Doer himself is not just a left-wing, affable glamour boy who looks good in the limelight.
With billions of dollars in oil and gas royalties at stake, as well as lower energy prices, it is not difficult to see the reason for high levels of support for the DOER Act among state officials.
Yet, we know that the knowledge of Allah--the Most High--is certain, therefore, the existence of the universe is necessary (wajib) and not contingent (mumkin); and [as for] what is necessary, its doer (fa'il) did not do it by choice but by nature.
Manitoba Premier Gary Doer referred to the signing as "an historic day for all Manitobans.
Often, coming out of a pose, both the helper and the doer have a glow on their faces.
It's an honor to be a Doer because they really do make the world different.