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She's more confident, and she doesn't bat an eyelid that people think she's batting out of her league.
Yet big business doesn't bat an eyelid when internet providers let lads view and download images of sado-masochistic sex, forced submission and rape.
All of which just goes to show that our political class doesn't bat an eyelid about fudging the truth.
Although Sian is now in her 70s, but looks a good decade younger, she doesn't bat an eyelid about stripping on stage.
He doesn't bat an eyelid at the opponents, he's just got a job in mind and he goes out there and gives 100 per cent.
Skippy, Skippy, Skippy," and Skip Away doesn't bat an eyelid as the bugle fanfare blows, like a test for police horses.
But the film's producer Firoz Nadiadwala doesn't bat an eyelid at all the bling around him.