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brought an action against Barber to receive compensation for time spent donning and doffing required protective gear and for time spent walking to and waiting at their assigned work areas.
According to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the donning and doffing of the protective gear was "integral and indispensable to the job" and, thus, part of the employees' principal activities.
The court finds that the donning and doffing of sanitary and safety equipment is 'work' within the meaning of the FLSA because it is controlled by and required by Tyson, and because it primarily benefits Tyson and the chicken-processing business," Putnam said.
Doffing will add to Hunting's product offering through its Well Construction and Well Completion segments.
While we are confident our pay practices are and have been legal and appropriate, a United States Supreme Court decision involving other companies created uncertainty regarding whether time spent donning and doffing protective gear, hair nets and smocks is compensable.
Under the Consent Judgment, Perdue Farms has agreed to retroactively pay its processing employees on the production line an additional eight minutes each workday for time spent donning and doffing certain clothing and equipment, as well as developing an initiative to record and pay employees for such activities going forward.
As if doffing his hat for a helmet wasn't enough for one ride, Santa was also seen leading another cavalcade of motorcycles, fire engines and a 40-foot big rig loaded with more than 100,000 toys from Woodland Hills to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles with lights flashing and sirens ringing.
City of San Diego, he ruled that 'the relevant inquiry is not whether the uniform itself or the safety gear itself is indispensable to the job -- they most certainly are -- but rather, the relevant inquiry is whether the nature of the work requires the donning and doffing process to be done on the employer's premises.
Acqua, the new master roll winder, features the patented water jet crosscutting system, which allows the most accurate doffing without web path variation.
A BELATED doffing of the cap to Celtic legend Jimmy 'Jinky' Johnstone who passed away last week.
The evening's stars, tenor Placido Domingo and mezzo-soprano Denyce Graves, made grand entrances after doffing their makeup.
Doffing Thornton Neff Communications Director of Marketing Phone: 408-774-1130 Paraform Fax: 408-733-1130 Phone: 650-846-2105 laurie@thornton-neff.