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Ev hard to impres WHEN Alexander the Great saw the size of his domain he wept - for there more worlds to Even the most hard-to-impress cavemen doffs his furry cap to a man who conquered most of the known world before dying aged 33.
An exhibit of photographs and other memorabilia will honor prominent early Rhode Island dance educators including Bertha Carr, Christine Hennessey, Doffs Holloway, Fannie Helen Melcer, and Lydia Pettine.
Artsi, failed and penniless, falls for Peggy at her burger joint and, in the pic's most involving subplot, romances her by sheer force of his boyish charm; homeless Hans ends up bunking with Sascha and Fabian, and embarks on a romance with Doffs (Michaela Rosen), a middle-aged bourgeoisie who's walked out on her husband, and so on.
HUNKZ Becksina skintight surf suit and, right, chunkier sidekick Gordon SUPPINg IN SYNcJ At game in May HEAd BoY Gord doffs cap to Becks I wILL FoLLow On Jimmy Kimmel; pair in their matching outfits
A typically droll but sleazy 'Bats broadside, it doffs a hat to The Cure while banks of devilish harmonies (The Fog Chrous?) and artillerylik d i il h i like drumming pile on the pressure in an agreeably ferocious manner.
Some of the stranger inventions the programme-makers have uncovered include the two-person clothes range of 1985 with two neck holes to allow friends to snuggle up; the one-handed love glove of 1990; a musical condom; and the saluting device that doffs your cap for you.