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The dogmatic theology of the church facilitated such conquests.
He began to apply this approach when in 1963 he accepted the chair in dogmatic theology at the University of M?
I wondered why being so "right," in the dogmatic sense, could feel so wrong within the movement of the heart.
But the Tridentine liturgy was not mandated for all members of the Latin rite, and, anyway, was a disciplinary rather than a dogmatic matter, and thus could be modified.
Emberley its use, "is also a signal they are distancing themselves from the authority of creed, dogmatic theology, and clergy, in favour of an unmediated and unpatented God.
Zakrzewski endowed his works with a gentle mood, which, although inassimilable to Malevich's dogmatic spirituality, conveyed a similar sense of being tranquil yet rich in feeling.
To say that this work is dogmatic is to put it mildly.
Such dogmatic views belie any appreciation that local history often speaks to universal issues that surpass any artificially imposed parochial boundaries of place or time.
Dogmatic works included polemics against various heresies and heretics, the compendious Catachresis (Editor: the misapplication of a word or phrase) (a defence of principal Trinitarian tenets), and a Platonic Dialogue between himself and Macrina, whose Life he also composed--"A gem of hagiography" (Johannes Quasten).
Steinberg once used Rauschenberg's "flatbed" art to undermine the dogmatic formalism of the "picture plane.