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DOGMA, civil law. This word is used in the first chapter, first section, of the second Novel, and signifies an ordinance of the senate. See also Dig. 27, 1, 6.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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As the recent mob attack on Jibran Nasir indicates, the religious far-right vote-bank is an intolerant, dogmatic and easily instigated mass, attributes their representatives depend on.
This collection of 18 essays by education, international studies, critical thinking, history, sociology, and psychology scholars from the US, Canada, and Germany explores the nature of dogmatic thinking from different perspectives and how it affects high-level creativity and thinking.
Lewis's central argument is that dogmatic evolutionists are not scientists but metaphysicians.
Herman Bavinck has been revered for a century for his superior four volumes of Reformed Dogmatics. He lived from 1854 to 1921 and taught Systematic Theology at the Vrie Universitat to Amsterdam, beginning at outset of the twentieth century.
Throughout the book the reader is told again and again that a given position is dogmatic or nihilistic.
12-16), in which he referred to an aspect of doctor-patient boundaries as a dogmatic holdover from the "primordial phase of psychiatry (aka psychoanalysis) ..." If a psychopharmacologist chooses to monitor blood pressure or check for cogwheeling, no psychoanalytically oriented psychiatrist would object.
He tried initially the dogmatic approach to browbeat people with his theories and it annoyed them.
Summary: New York (United Nations) - Morocco voiced, on Wednesday, satisfaction with the adoption by the Fourth Committee of the UN General Assembly of a resolution on the Moroccan Sahara which, by refraining once again from mentioning classical referendum with extreme options, excludes dogmatic approaches some parties continue attempting to revive.
- What's So Wrong with Being Absolutely Right: The Dangerous Nature of Dogmatic Belief
Presenting the party's policy on PFI, Treasury spokesman Jeremy Browne said Lib Dems had no "dogmatic objection" to the projects but stressed they should not be used to "cook the books".
I wonder how much less dependant the UK would be on other countries for its energy needs had this dogmatic and uncaring woman not forced the closure of coalmines to score a political point against the NUM.
expounds Orthodox dogmatic, liturgical, and ascetical theology, and insists that all of these, like Rublev's icon, are ordered toward believer's personal appropriation of and by the Holy Spirit.