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30) Richard Baxter, Catholick Theologie: Plain, Pure, Peacable: For the Pacification of the Dogmatical Word-warriours (London: Robert White, 1675), Part I, 53; cf.
Meanwhile the exoteric dimension of their writings would leave undisturbed the dogmatical (that is, unquestioned) beliefs that the community needed.
In contrast, the esoteric philosophical tradition that Strauss discusses typically allots to its exoteric dimension the favorable presentation of the socially orthodox views (the dogmatical beliefs) while the esoteric dimension may present a quite different position.
when he in reality became the defender of all those measures which he never planned, and rendered the humbleness of his station more conspicuous, by the lofty, the dogmatical, and the intolerant language, with which it was attempted to be concealed?
Stoddard, though an eminently holy man," Edwards observed, "was naturally of a dogmatical temper, and the people being brought up under him, were naturally led to imitate him.