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30) Richard Baxter, Catholick Theologie: Plain, Pure, Peacable: For the Pacification of the Dogmatical Word-warriours (London: Robert White, 1675), Part I, 53; cf.
As Tocqueville wrote in Democracy in America, "[U]nder no circumstances will dogmatical belief cease to exist.
First of all, I argue that his methodological approach is dogmatical, since he uses ordinary language to settle some philosophical topics.
analogical extensions or enlargements (such as judgmatical [judgment x dogmatical]) because (i)judgmatical does not imply the meaning of dogmatical and, thus, no semantic fusion has occurred and (ii) such forms are "generally unintentional" whereas blends are "often conscious or intentional" (1914: 7); however, on the same page, she acknowledges that neither criterion is failsafe;
It is in morals and manners what the experimental is in natural philosophy, as opposed to the dogmatical method.
when he in reality became the defender of all those measures which he never planned, and rendered the humbleness of his station more conspicuous, by the lofty, the dogmatical, and the intolerant language, with which it was attempted to be concealed?