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The authors correctly point out that the king is too pragmatic to dogmatically pursue liberal democratization, particularly viewing the chaos of the "Arab Spring.
Having been dogmatically diplomatic in his interaction with the media despite regular torrents of abuse being directed his way by a section of Chelsea fans, Benitez finally expressed his desire for the support to come together for the good of the team.
In addition, the previous junta dogmatically insisted the nation must have only one army and that clause has been put in the unjust 2008 constitution which cannot be amended without permission of the armed forces.
Therefore, for this subject to be fairly scrutinized and not merely dogmatically accepted, our dominion needs vigorous, free, and open debate on the definition of "person" using proven modern science and common sense, and not definitions of life and personhood derived from 400 year old common law--times when witches and heretics were killed.
Mathematics all over the world is largely taught dogmatically, as objective fact, black and white, right or wrong," Nunez said.
Yet 'tradition' is a site of ambivalence for Holden, an ambivalence that is pronounced when it comes to his (admirably thorough) reading of Levinas' Judaism, and he certainly does not want a Levinas who is dogmatically Jewish (nor dogmatically 'Greek', for that matter).
We do not want to compromise on safety just to dogmatically chase a time line.
Those who dogmatically do so but ignore other Old Testament verses on everything else (such as diet and clothing) also ignore New Testament sayings that we ALL have sinned, and should seek out the plank in our own eyes before the sawdust in others eyes.
What this release highlights is the fact that Oracle should provide work-around instructions rather than dogmatically stick to immediate patching as the single alternative.
To validate the suspicion that Moyn dogmatically embraces the affirmation of "autonomous secular individualism" because it is the credo imposed upon its members by the New York intelligentsia as the condition of respectability, one would have to subject him to as careful a biographical study as the one he pens on Levinas.
Don't fret about the dogmatically expressed, but constantly changing, assertions from elsewhere, provided they do nobody any harm.
Medical providers should "hold firm (but not hubristically or dogmatically so) to their conceptions of their patients' good, while recognizing that in many cases their confidence in what is best is not rooted in their medical expertise.