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DOGMA, civil law. This word is used in the first chapter, first section, of the second Novel, and signifies an ordinance of the senate. See also Dig. 27, 1, 6.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Encompassed in the Western measures are Machiavellianism, Dogmatism, Locus of Control and Intolerance of Ambiguity.
But the dogmatism of the abolitionists, the irrationality of war, and the paradoxical example of Henry Livermore Abbott, a fellow officer who disagreed emphatically with the Union cause but nonetheless fought with exceptional skill and bravery, turned him into a moral and political skeptic as well.
To map out the contrast between Scepticism and Negative Dogmatism about external objects, he alludes to an incident from Russell's memoir of Wittgenstein, in which Russell wonders whether there is a hippopotamus in the room (p.
Personality traits include variables such as innovativeness, dogmatism, risk taking, and inner-outer directedness.
Humanist ethics of acceptance, freedom, fallibilism, and compassion are morally superior to the dogmatism, ethnocentrism, and provincialism of the Christian right.
Boyle's brand of natural philosophy was to arrive at uncontentious results by avoiding unwarranted dogmatism or speculation and by claiming only that which could be justified by appeal to 'matters of fact' arrived at by observation and experiment.
The record is erratic, as whole weeks, even months, are often skipped; nevertheless, the material is interesting because of the sensitive and inquisitive mind which shaped it, trying to make sense out of a chaotic conflict of cherished world-order models and the dire reality of clashing theories, mixed feelings, humanitarian concerns, and cold dogmatism.
The first is devoted to an onslaught on the dogmatism of the Right ("an ideology that promotes reverence for a few sacred texts and ideas"), represented here by George Will and William Bennett and entitled "Moral Education in the Age of Reagan." The second chapter contains an even more sweeping attack on the dogmatism of the "cultural left" s well ensconced in our university communities ("an iconoclasm that supposes a ne social system can be created by acts of textual solidarity").
Unlike their university cousins, local historians are not preoccupied with doctrinal battles, the dogmatism of the day's fashion (le dogmatisme des modes du jour).
23-53), discusses Wittgenstein, Hawking, Godel, Habermas and others (including Herder) on dogmatism, scepticism, cultural relativity and the 'critical turn' in philosophy Ulrich Gaier's article, 'Metadisziplinare Argumente und Verfahren Herders: zum Beispiel: die Erfindung der Soziologie' (pp.
What is unclear to us are the alternatives to modem empiricism that Heshusius proposes to keep educators from descending into a quagmire of dogmatism. This is not to say that we charge Heshusius or other H/C advocates with dogmatism, but simply that the means for preventing H/C ideologies from becoming dogmatic or doctrinaire is not inherent within those ideologies.
Grosser and Trezeciak (1980), on the other hand, showed relation of dogmatism to the issue of approval or disapproval of Panama Canal Treaty with American student activists and showed the issue-exposed group to exhibit suspicious attitude but not dogmatism.