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The pet of mamma, the prodigy of papa, I was permitted to dogmatize and do as I pleased from my earliest infancy.
Allegories can be subtly satirical, but they can also dogmatize ideology.
Though the argument of the Republic is built on the rational view of human nature, taken as a postulate or hypothesis, the book as a whole does not dogmatize on this question.
Actually, religions just take moral rules from different cultures and dogmatize them.
Especially one should be careful not to dogmatize too confidently about what an author could or could not put into his work, for there are many levels of creative consciousness besides clearly formulated deliberation; and [Taplin continues, interestingly] similarly with what an audience could or could not register during a work in performance, for there are many degrees of apprehension beside the full and conscious recognition which it is the critic's task to formulate.' I, of course, would not accept that limitation on the critic's task in the last clause.
But then, such readiness to dogmatize without evidence is a lamentably characteristic symptom, in theoreticians of this kind, of their arrogant contempt for history, for human experience as it has actually been lived.