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INJUSTICE. That which is opposed to justice.
     2. It is either natural or civil. 1. Natural injustice is the act of doing harm to mankind, by violating natural rights. 2. Civil injustice, is the unlawful violation of civil rights.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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BAD blood, bust-ups and bitter barneys - if you thought the Gallaghers had a monopoly on unbrotherly love within bands you're doing an injustice to the Bee Gees.
"You don't go into a game thinking, 'I am playing against Danny to get picked for England.' "If you make it a personal battle you are doing an injustice to the rest of your team.
'If we equate inner city life to gangs and violence we are doing an injustice to thousands of children from these areas trying to get a life.
"But I must be fair to the rest of my team-mates and, although I want to play, if I'm not fit then I'd be doing an injustice to them and the fans."
The Derry manager said: "It's doing an injustice to Allianz and their sponsorship.
David Woodhead, director of the Independent Schools Council Information Service, said, "This risks doing an injustice to individuals.