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There was a time when I'd have to work as a labourer, doing bits and pieces on building sites and that just to make ends meet.
We've been in the yard for the last week painting and doing bits and pieces.
My mole added: "Snow Patrol are going to be doing some of the singing - they can't say what yet but they will be doing bits and pieces.
I started studying as a hypnotist, doing bits of stage hypnosis and also hypnotherapy,' he reveals.
I've been very fortunate in my career and I'm still doing bits of TV.
But we've got a really good mixed group of riders, we're all different ages and we've all been doing bits and pieces to help make this happen.
A source close to Osbourne said: "Jack has been doing bits and pieces but he says he is fed-up with Hollywood.
I was doing bits and pieces, drawing in the cathedral just for myself," says Colin, who is based in Manchester but who is one of the campaigners behind the restoration of the Florrie in Dingle, a key building in the ECHO's Stop the Rot campaign.
Well my band are only doing bits, they're little indie lightweights and I don't want to kill them
They are performing at T4 and it also looks like I'll be doing some backstage presenting, running around with a camera doing bits and pieces.
I've been doing bits and pieces of work, but I have to be careful with what I commit to - I don't want to get into anything too long-running.