doing good

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And all Nicholas did was fruitful- probably just because he refused to allow himself to think that he was doing good to others for virtue's sake.
If thou art a soul in torment, say so, and all that my powers can do I will do for thee; for I am a Catholic Christian and love to do good to all the world, and to this end I have embraced the order of knight-errantry to which I belong, the province of which extends to doing good even to souls in purgatory.
Doing good to humanity was useless: the many-coloured efforts thereto spreading over the vast area like films and resulting in an universal grey.
And I must again observe, that not on this occasion only, but even on all other occasions of thankfulness, my past wicked and abominable life never looked so monstrous to me, and I never so completely abhorred it, and reproached myself with it, as when I had a sense upon me of Providence doing good to me, while I had been making those vile returns on my part.
So you see, dear friends," she went on, "Jesus spent his time almost all in doing good to poor people; he preached out of doors to them, and he made friends of poor workmen, and taught them and took pains with them.
These notes would praise Benny for doing good things, such as welcoming a guest, saying Shema at night, washing his hands in the morning, etc.
Global Banking News-October 23, 2013--FNB doing good business with business accounts(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Madras Cafe", which has been described as 'sensible cinema' by critics, is doing good at the box office due to its quality content.
James Lee Moorhouse The police prob think they are doing good to keep them off the streets.
GORDON J Doing good The footage made me reflect that his daughter, Jennifer, who died the week after she was born, would have been 10 years old now, just like the lasses crowding round him in a dusty schoolyard.
If you see a journalist doing good stories pat him or her on the back, if they are not doing good stories tell them so - personal contact is very important," she added.