doing good

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And all Nicholas did was fruitful- probably just because he refused to allow himself to think that he was doing good to others for virtue's sake.
Men say, practically, Begin where you are and such as you are, without aiming mainly to become of more worth, and with kindness aforethought go about doing good.
Now, if she had been the heroine of a moral storybook, she ought at this period of her life to have become quite saintly, renounced the world, and gone about doing good in a mortified bonnet, with tracts in her pocket.
Whether the motive was pride, or sullenness, or distrust of herself, or despair of doing good, the result was not to be mistaken -- Norah had resolved on remaining passive for the future.
Majek also said this was a simple advice and wasn't meant to underrate or slight young artists, but a fatherly encouragement to improve on their craft by doing good sounds that will remain evergreen.
The report, titled the 2017 Doing Good is Good for You Study, reveals 75 percent of U.
Islamabad -- Opposition leader Syed Khursheed Shah said that politics is all about helping and doing good but in Pakistan this word has become synonym with abuse.
As Mark Lefko emphasizes in this exceptionally well organized and presented volume--"Global Sustainability is about more than just doing good; it's about doing well by doing good.
Before we start these conversations, my current way of thinking is the future of doing good is building goodwill and trust in communities through a shared understanding of the challenges and priorities of those living there.
com)-- Doing Good, a nonprofit, strives to increase the number of community volunteers through shared stories, celebrating those who do good, and by providing a central place for people to get information on ways to get involved in their community and has for the past 2 years.
Other Indian exhibitors are doing good business and attracted a good numbers of customers.