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In that case, then, throw aside your doleful looks.
His prophetic and doleful despatches had been for years the joke of Foreign Offices.
Here they lay in doleful fright, expecting summary execution.
As a result, many people see Karapetyan as the only person responsible for the doleful state of the current Armenian economy, while Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and his team could get away with it.
And then, on Saturday, Citeh look set to improvise symphonically on a sad and doleful Toon.
The woman, aged 22, was said to have been feeling doleful after being divorced, authorities said, adding that she had jumped into Jambar Canal near Phoolnagar's Link Road.
It is doleful to perceive what chaos the provincial and local Government has made.
This doleful enumeration of physical woes and encumbrances would end up as an exploitative sequential depiction of hopeless losers.
Anton Phillips, an animal rescue tactical adviser, said: "It was strange being able to see the animal's doleful expression through the glass.
The epitome of the aged bachelor, scared of women, petrified of the thought of marriage, thoughtful, analytical and forever with the doleful countenance of a bloodhound.
ludo, loudly, loud, lolly, lolled, loll, lode, foully, fouled, foul, folly, fold, floe, dolly, doll, doleful, dole, DOLEFULLY Wordsquare: X.
The book begins with a prologue entitled "The Unseen Journey," a doleful and intense recitation of the systematic subjugation of native culture.