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Impressively rigorous, affecting and surprisingly suspenseful given that its outcome is dolefully obvious from the start, this unconventionally calibrated, fascinating true story will make compelling viewing at festivals -- starting with Venice and Toronto -- and may score some specialized commercial bookings through enterprising distribs.
Ashley looked down at his hands and then looked dolefully up this second set of stairs.
But as someone dolefully commented: ``There's not much you can do to stop a beast that size.''
For those who can't stand Channel 4 or tend to turn off the sound during the breaks, I should say it's a truly gruesome one, in which a large bloke with a more than passing resemblance to the football manager Terry Vegetables is first seen mamboing (I think) rather dolefully with a woman for whom the term `ratbag' would seem an unnecessarily charitable description.
There's Stephen Rea's presence, of course, as a dolefully ineffective psychiatrist, but also the constant allusions to fairy tales and nursery rhymes.
The tumbril rolled again at Coundon Road yesterday, dolefully removing the South African Harry Roberts, Coventry's coach for little more than a month.
IF YOU want to know what an unhappy pension fund manager looks like you would have seen plenty wandering dolefully round the City yesterday.
Attended by Elizabethan-garbed Asian servants, the Queen starts singing -- mostly dolefully, always passionately -- and we see occasional images of a presumed past lover (Barney) who arrives on the city's Chain Bridge on a horse and gradually prepares to jump naked into the Danube at night.
Emotions rage through the barmaid's mind: pity, anger, sorrow, even a small smudge of joy as this fool is gazing at her so dolefully she might almost believe that he really loved her.
During the summer months the 130 miles of ski slopes are returned to their rightful owners and herds of cattle gaze dolefully at the crowd of screeching Brits disturbing their day.
Somehow the research itself takes on a new vitality once you have pictured the author staring dolefully out of the classroom window, nurturing dreams of pro-punting, as 4B runs amok behind him.