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Part of the joy of Sprinter's victory yesterday was that he slew that old dragon of an adage that dolefully insists 'they never come back'.
The "via stretta" (narrow path) in which the Benedictine-like shades dolefully tread is not like the "angusta porta" (narrow gate) from the Gospel of Matthew (7:13), because the path in hell does not lead to life; infernal paths lead nowhere, except around in circles.
She dolefully leaves behind her grandparents and everything she has ever known as she boards the Charming Nancy, a merchant vessel turned into a passenger ship.
THIS IS A REAL ONE DOLLAR BILL shouts an envelope sent by a home for delinquent youngsters, and sure enough, George Washington stares dolefully out at you through a transparent window.
We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime," Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey dolefully predicted.
She had resisted getting out of bed until the very last second when Brandy, secure in his cage, had recognised the time and started to whine dolefully.
After the narrator reveals laudatory identification with the painted African warrior making him "comfortable and at peace" (13), dolefully the narrator protests that collective African consciousness and identity captured in the painting "is coming to its sad end, for globalisation is hungry at their door" (18).
And he has condescended to pay a short visit to the dolefully afflicted area, albeit with a gaggle of the media in tow.
While the runaway Claire remains in hiding, these and the rest of the novel's character ensemble circle dolefully about, employing and observing Danticat's signature tropes for the undervoiced Haitian people's dire-straits desire to be heard (also, for her own authorial determination to give them voice): radio stations, lighthouses, sign language, butterflies (whose fate is to be immemori ally/memorially both mute and beautiful), and wonns (a Haitian children's singing game similar to the English "Ring a-ring o' Roses").
AND thus the day passed and nightfall came on, more bitter and freezing than ever; the bleak wind whistling through the streets most dolefully.
A vocal critic of the new administration, the agency's director of syringe exchange, Donald, specifically lamented the loss of harm reduction's "human aspect" over time--a process in which he dolefully claimed complicity.