doling out

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said Dolly, doling out cucumbers and honey to the children; "with Vronsky
Breakfast: Elizabeth doling out the scrambled eggs.
She was slightly amused at her own delusion, looked rather absent-minded, and swung her gloves to and fro, as if doling out the few minutes accurately before she could say good-by.
It had given her relief, and by doling out her supply she had managed to survive the night.
How can it be credible for them to keep doling out the sermons on responsibility to the majority but do nothing to limit the source of our economic woes?
Now, and the reason for this letter, is we hear the same people are doling out more taxpayers' money to people to have a makeover carried out on their gardens.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has begun doling out assistance from the first series of storms from Dec.
WHEN it comes to doling out National Lottery cash, it could be you.
The Australian company is doling out pounds 640 million, with pay- outs from pounds 270 to pounds 40,000 to 360,000 British policy-holders.