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DOLLAR, money. A silver coin of the United States of the value of one hundred cents, or tenth part of an eagle.
     2. It weighs four hundred and twelve and a half grains. Of one thousand parts, nine hundred are of pure silver and one hundred of alloy. Act of January 18, 1837, ss. 8 & 9, 4 Sharsw. Cont. of Story's L. U. S. 2523, 4; Wright, R. 162.
     3. In all computations at the custom-house, the specie dollar of Sweden and Norway shall be estimated at one hundred and six cents. The specie dollar of Denmark, at one hundred and five cents. Act of May 22, 1846.

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At first they said nothing but 'lots--lots--up town--down town--twenty-five feet front--dollar, dollar, dollar.
House-hunting in the other end of town ceased, and on Pine Street, between Fifth and Fourth, and in immediate proximity to the great Southern Pacific railroad yards, Billy and Saxon rented a neat cottage of four small rooms for ten dollars a month.
They must have a better place of some sort soon--Jurgis said it with all the assurance of a man who had just made a dollar and fifty-seven cents in a single day.
James Grant was a journeymen carpenter who did not always pay his bills and who owed Maria three dollars.
You can buy enough velvet in Genoa for twenty-five dollars to make a five hundred dollar cloak in New York--so the ladies tell me.
In Boston, the first pay-station ran three months before it earned a dollar.
On the morning of that day we did not have a dollar.
A placard near by announced that they had been reduced in price from two dollars and fifty cents to one dollar and ninety-eight cents; and a young girl who stood behind the counter asked her if she wished to examine their line of silk hosiery.
A few minutes before closing time, he threw every share of which he was possessed upon the market, and the next morning Royal Hardwells stood at one dollar seventy-five.
You go around looking for to dig out ten million dollars with a second-hand spade you call buy for sixty-eight cents.
When I entered the university, I borrowed forty dollars from him, without interest, without security, without buying a drink.
In his possession was some two hundred dollars in gold-dust, which Daylight immediately borrowed.