dollar currency

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The suspects had 6,931,000 pieces of paper intended to resemble and pass as US dollar currency notes.
He said as a first step all Muslim Countries should detach from dollar currency and adopt Islamic currency.
Customers queued from the early hours to get their hands on exclusive prints but in a twist to how the artwork could be purchased, reacted with initial surprise but a willingness to give up their own valued personal pictures or video in payment for the merchandise, heralding the rise of the Data Dollar currency.
He pointed out that the current period does not witness any shortage in the provision of dollar currency by banks to all manufacturers and importers and the currency is provided in accordance with the basic commodities of agricultural crops, medicines, and food, and then industry raw materials.
Moreover, DDS offers local investors an alternative investment option for their US Dollar currency holdings.
The Sub-Committee noted a paper which updated the estimates of the external demand for the Hong Kong dollar currency in light of the marked increase in the Hong Kong dollar currency-to-GDP ratio since the global financial crisis.
dollar currency swap arrangements and the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization Fund for such measures that can be implemented in emergencies.
The latest rise in the exchange rate followed complaints from the public that there was scarcity of the US dollar currency at the Commercial Banks in the war-ravaged nation, causing dollar to hike at the black market.
Perhaps, the most important factor has been the fall in crude oil inventories in the United States for the first time this year, with the decline in imports and US dollar currency exchange rate.
That's what seems to justify the ICB continuing to hold big reserves of US dollar currency at a time of economic woes.
Global oil prices have fallen nearly 50 percent since June, but in that time the US dollar currency index has risen more than 20 percent.
Libya's oil output has shrunk further after blazing oil tanks at a major terminal helped push world oil prices higher and put a strain on the country's dollar currency reserves.