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The best performing asset class during the month was the Indian Rupee, specifically Rupee futures, the index pricing of the Indian Rupee-US dollar currency pair.
The best performer within the product suite was INR Quanto Futures, the index pricing of the Indian Rupee US dollar currency pair, which registered its best month ever, with a total of 1,585,110 contracts traded.
On August 20, the National Bank of the country set the official dollar currency to national currency at 9.70 somoni.
INR Mini Futures registered its highest quarterly AOI with 114,817 contracts between April and June, while INR Quanto Futures, the index pricing of the Indian Rupee US dollar currency pair, registered its best month since March2016 with a total of 578,872 contracts traded.
Rising costs of expat rental accommodation, the implementation of VAT and US dollar currency pegs were cited as reasons for Middle Eastern countries rising in the index.
(Latin American drug lords hoard high-denomination dollar currency; Russian beeznessmen do the same with big euro notes)'
A police officer recounted to the investigating prosecutor they had been tipped off the defendants' possessing fake dollar currency notes and their plan to sell it.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Beijing and Tokyo sealed a multi-billion dollar currency swap arrangement on Friday, aimed at enhancing financial stability and spurring business activity in both countries.
To a question Miftah Ismail said check and balance should be ensured on dollar currency.
He said the company's decision to issue bonds dominated in US dollar is in line with the earnings of the company which is also in US dollar currency.
Customers queued from the early hours to get their hands on exclusive prints but in a twist to how the artwork could be purchased, reacted with initial surprise but a willingness to give up their own valued personal pictures or video in payment for the merchandise, heralding the rise of the Data Dollar currency.
He pointed out that the current period does not witness any shortage in the provision of dollar currency by banks to all manufacturers and importers and the currency is provided in accordance with the basic commodities of agricultural crops, medicines, and food, and then industry raw materials.