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Dull-headedness is one, and far the commoner: the truth that drives men mad must be sought for ere it's found, and it eludes the doltish or myopic hunter.
Rowling's universe displays some limited auto-critique-there is an acknowledgement of the racism inherent in some wizards' treatment of 'mudbloods', those of muggle heredity-but this is nothing compared to the lot of the general Muggle population, who never appear in the franchise apart from as doltish herd-members, too dull and prolish to understand the higher workings of the wizarding world.
It's reminiscent of the moment Cabinet ministers who've been caught playing away ask their poor, doltish wives to pose in a sensible skirt at the garden gate.
futures, exorcise demons, and transform doltish literati into successful
Offers are reportedly flooding in while that unspeakably doltish dad, wearing a devil mask, referred questioners to ace publicist Max Clifford.
Instead Bush's administrative response was as ill considered as his initial rhetoric - which also included the doltish and insensitive reference to a "crusade".
However, she is willing to grudgingly concede that there are large numbers of deluded and doltish people out there who may think the little green balls of veg are vile.
I don't understand it, it was all me in a former day," he says of the ease in which he slipped into being his doltish character.
The Saudi paper called Clinton's nuclear threat "the foreign politics of the madhouse," saying, "it demonstrates the same doltish ignorance that has distinguished Bush's foreign relations.
That doltish behavior aside, doesn't Obama realize that the "mistake" he proposes to eliminate would be his own grandchild?
The millionaires, unsurprisingly, all had egos to match their pocketbooks and little patience with lesser minds ("lesser" defined as anyone so doltish that they were unable to make at least a hundred mil or so playing around in the financial markets).