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DOLUS, civil law. A fraudulent address or trick used to deceive some one; a fraud. Dig. 4, 3, 1; Code, 2, 21.
     2. Dolus differs from fault in this, that the latter proceeds from an error of the understanding; while to constitute the former there must be a will or intention to do wrong. Wolff, Inst. Sec. 17.

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It was the problem of dolus eventualis that the general public and commentators complained about all along after his conviction, and perhaps the judge confused herself in that she was looking at what Pistorius in his personal capacity, subjectively foresaw or did not foresee, with respect to his girlfriend, contrary to the legal principle which states that one must subjectively foresee the death of a human being, and not necessarily a specific one.
So it seemed he was literally pleading guilty to murder, dolus eventualis.
dolus resulted in prolonged development and reduced body size (a correlate of fecundity) in P.
dolus significantly reduces the concentration of essential amino acids in cordgrass.
dolus exhibit geographic variation in dispersal capability (percentage macroptery in a population), and common-garden experiments indicate that this geographic variation is largely genetically based (Denno et al.
dolus primarily exploits the upper reaches of the marsh, a habitat that experiences minimal winter disturbance along all three coasts (Squiers and Good 1974; Kirby and Gosselink 1976; Turner 1976: Neuenschwander et al.
serve as the only recorded host plants for the planthoppers Prokelisia marginata and Prokelisia dolus (Denno et al.
dolus occur sympatrically along much of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of North America where they feed and develop exclusively on Spartina alterniflora (Denno et al.
Time and time again the dolus eventualis principle has been applied with venom in the South African High Court, especially in cases of robbery and murder.
Which brings me back to the spirit of dolus eventualis (intruder or no intruder).
Here we examine the potential cost of flight capability in males of the salt-marsh-inhabiting planthopper Prokelisia dolus (Hemiptera: Delphacidae).
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