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Country: United States of America
State: Colorado

i was involved in a domestic dispute with my boyfriend at his residence police were called his 3 children (all minors)that live at this residence and myself we all filed a complaint against him for physical abuse towards me he knocked out my bottom teeth with his fists the children witnessed this incident. the police took pictures of me and assigned me a case number its been 2 weeks since this happened and the police have not yet picked him up (arrest) although he is still residing at this residence and working same hours at same job location (hes not hard to find) my question is the city/county that took the statements and gave me a case number responsible for arresting him since i pressed charges and is it the city/county police dept obligation to contact me regarding anything new (like whether they got him or not ) im not sure if the city in which i live in police dept is doing thier job...this is the 2nd time i have filled out a statement to the same police dep t for his violent behavior i pressed charges then also nothing became of it then either. thank you for your time


You may need to call them (several times if need be), and find out what is the is okay to call.
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