domestic domicile

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If the aircraft is turned as quickly at its domestic domicile, and the defect goes unreported, the problem is only compounded.
The key to breaking in is having strong regulations, which more than anything, are what companies are looking for in a domestic domicile.
We are aggressively working with the captive community to maintain and enhance our reputation as a domestic domicile," says Robert D.
They can also avoid expensive agent-driven retail distribution networks by electing a direct marketing approach with authority to write in all jurisdictions while being subject only to the regulation of the domestic domicile.
It's just that Vermont's piece is substantially larger than any other domestic domicile.
We are at a crisis point in the development of Colorado as a viable domestic domicile.
At an even more advanced level, a session called "Alternative Lines and Strategically Focused Captive Solutions" noted the range of "hot trends and key opportunities," such as a return to deductible and retention captives, protected cell structures, federal tax ruling 2001-31, domestic domicile expansion, employee benefits, and the hard reinsurance market across all lines.
While some captives have opted to move to a domestic domicile with favorable legislation for them, a majority has adopted a wait-and-see attitude.
For both foreign and domestic domiciles, one useful indicator is the relative number of licensed captives already domiciled in the jurisdiction.
The more common trend is for domestic domiciles to target business from offshore domiciles that might be adversely impacted by Solvency II or perceptions of IRS profiling," Weitzel said in an email interview.
Historically, the Cayman Islands had the reputation as the home to medical and healthcare captives, but today the Caymans has strong competition from domestic domiciles like Vermont.
Domestic domiciles sail through the air, a mobile home crashes to earth, falling past power lines, splitting open like an English muffin.