domestic establishment

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The appearance of the two brothers together took the whole domestic establishment by surprise.
The whole interest and attention of the domestic establishment then present was concentrated on Geoffrey.
No motive of national policy has demanded, nor would public opinion have tolerated, a larger number of troops upon its domestic establishment.
There was one singular custom observed in old Marheyo's domestic establishment, which often excited my surprise.
When, therefore, the father of Marmaduke’s friend, after forty years’ service, retired with the rank of major, maintaining in his domestic establishment a comparative splendor, he be came a man of the first consideration in his native colony which was that of New York.
As for his small income, and his still smaller domestic establishment, he looked at them both from the same satirically indifferent point of view.
John Sedley had not the heart to review the domestic establishment who have appeared now and anon in our pages and of whom he was now forced by poverty to take leave.
Sparsit had a failing in her association with that domestic establishment, it was that she was so excessively regardless of herself and regardful of others, as to be a nuisance.
Of the whole domestic establishment, indoors and out, there now remained only myself, Margaret Porcher, and the gardener--this last living in his own cottage, and being wanted to take care of the one horse that remained in the stables.
While most of the domestic establishment, including Prime Minister David Cameron, the (http://www.
Further, FDA's approach in selecting establishments for inspection is inconsistent with GAO's 2008 recommendation that FDA inspect, at a comparable frequency, those establishments that are identified as having the greatest public health risk potential if they experience a manufacturing defect, regardless of whether they are a foreign or domestic establishment.
The second question is whether increases in foreign ownership over time in an industry in a state produced increases in domestic establishment wages.