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Pertaining to the house or home. A person employed by a household to perform various servient duties. Any household servant, such as a maid or butler. Relating to a place of birth, origin, or domicile.

That which is domestic is related to household uses. A domestic animal is one that is sufficiently tame to live with a family, such as a dog or cat, or one that can be used to contribute to a family's support, such as a cow, chicken, or horse. When something is domesticated, it is converted to domestic use, as in the case of a wild animal that is tamed.

Domestic relations are relationships between various family members, such as a Husband and Wife, that are regulated by Family Law.

A domestic corporation of a particular state is one that has been organized and chartered in that state as opposed to a foreign corporation, which has been incorporated in another state or territory. In tax law, a domestic corporation is one that has originated in any U.S. state or territory.

Domestic products are goods that are manufactured within a particular territory rather than imported from outside that territory.


slang expression for an incident of violence in the home between a man and a woman.
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Under the new system of the Ministry, a family will be able to recruit a housemaid between at cost of Dh8,000 to Dh15,000 as per the nationality of the domestic help and their experience.
He proposed that families hire domestic help from manpower supply companies, such as Almajal.
"The placement agency provided no documents and verbally vouched for the domestic help's record.
The domestic help, Rakhi, was found dead under mysterious conditions by the police on Monday night.
Aarushi, a Class 8 student of Delhi Public School, was found with her throat slit in her bedroom at her parents' Noida apartment May 16, 2008.The family's domestic help Hemraj, whom police initially thought to be the prime suspect, was also found killed on the apartment's terrace a day later.
Her employer Melissa McPike, an American who acquired Emirati citizenship after marrying a UAE local, is also financing the construction of the two-bedroom house, the domestic help told Khaleej Times .
rti was arrested on Thursday after domestic helps -- Bhagwati and her husband Dilip -- complained to the police that they were beaten up, tortured and confined by their NRI employer.
The family's domestic help Hemraj was later found dead on the rooftop.
According to Lieutenant-Colonel Ibrahim Musbeh Al Ajel, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, many sponsors fail to report thefts committed by domestic helps because they are employed illegally.
Revealing about the behaviour of Jagriti, Meena Sardar, one of the domestic helps, said in her statement to the police that Jagriti would brutally beat her and accuse her of having an illicit relationship with the MP.