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Pertaining to the house or home. A person employed by a household to perform various servient duties. Any household servant, such as a maid or butler. Relating to a place of birth, origin, or domicile.

That which is domestic is related to household uses. A domestic animal is one that is sufficiently tame to live with a family, such as a dog or cat, or one that can be used to contribute to a family's support, such as a cow, chicken, or horse. When something is domesticated, it is converted to domestic use, as in the case of a wild animal that is tamed.

Domestic relations are relationships between various family members, such as a Husband and Wife, that are regulated by Family Law.

A domestic corporation of a particular state is one that has been organized and chartered in that state as opposed to a foreign corporation, which has been incorporated in another state or territory. In tax law, a domestic corporation is one that has originated in any U.S. state or territory.

Domestic products are goods that are manufactured within a particular territory rather than imported from outside that territory.


(Household), adjective belonging to the house, domiciliary, family, home, homemaking, household, housekeeping, internal, pertaining to one's household, perraining to the family, pertaining to the home, relating to the family, relating to the home
Associated concepts: domestic animals, domestic duties, domestic employment, domestic fixtures, domestic purroses, domestic relations, domestic servants, domestic service, domestic status, domestic use


(Indigenous), adjective endemic, home, homemade, local, national, native, native grown, not forrign, not imported
Associated concepts: domestic commerce, domestic corpooation, domestic judgment
See also: internal, local, national, native, residential


slang expression for an incident of violence in the home between a man and a woman.
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Dilip Vaid, Chairman, FRHE, visualises the domestic market to grow big in the next five years and many exporters will shift focus to domestic market from the international market.
This provides a wonderful opportunity to develop an inter-African domestic market and an international export market for African food products with the United States as the primary importer.
While consolidated revenues were down 27 percent in the quarter ended June 30, 2002 compared to the same quarter in 2001, revenues from domestic markets increased 13 percent.
This important step enables Standard & Poor's to significantly enhance its services to clients in Russia's domestic market by combining extensive global experience and practical on-the-ground know-how and understanding," said Cynthia Stone, Standard & Poor's Managing Director for Russia and other CIS countries.
European national carriers - which represent a country in most bilateral air travel relationships - generally have a 60-95 per cent share of their domestic markets.
Norway's atypical civil aviation system, with two players of virtually the same size in a limited market, and other factors mean that Braathens - despite being the domestic market leader - has suffered substantial losses over several years.
Rogue traders operating in the domestic market are the scourge of the industry.
5bn ( a staggering 22pc of the building Gross Domestic Market.
Many have written off the Japanese because of their overnight disappearance from our domestic market, but I believe they will indeed solve their capital adequacy problems in the coming months and will return very selectively and very quietly by the spring of 1992," proclaimed Tai.
Jaipur, Aug 16(ANI): Battered by the economic slowdown, handicraft exporters in Rajasthan now look to the domestic market to survive through the crisis, as it remained largely unaffected by the global meltdown as compared to the rest of the world.
To tap the domestic market, the Federation of Rajasthan Handicraft Exporters (FRHE) organised a three-day Handicraft Fair in Birla Auditorium of Jaipur in order to provide a platform to sellers and buyers of handicraft.

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