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LONDON: Ancient humans made dogs their best friend not once but twice, by domesticating two separate populations of wolves thousands of miles apart in Europe and Asia.
Karen Stolley's Domesticating Empire: Enlightenment in Spanish America examines a corpus of relevant but seldom read eighteenth-century texts for which the topics of conquest, the indigenous Other, nature, God, and gold are critically developed within the parameters of Enlightenment philosophy and culture.
Domesticating a judgment is not a difficult process, especially if you have enough information on your debtor and are aware of the requirements of the jurisdiction.
Studies of ancient sites show that nomadic people in the Near East started to settle down even before they began planting crops and domesticating animals.
Tonight, Diamond focuses on geography - how those in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa were the beneficiaries of climates conducive to farming and domesticating animals.
With Envy, Caughey combines different modes, abstracting the domestic as much as domesticating the abstract, allowing sculpture to stand, amused, to the side of geometric presentness, tired psychomimetics, or pop slavishness.
Even the earliest English farmers seem to have employed a variety of agricultural practices, such as domesticating animals, cultivating crops, and dairying, Payne notes.