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Since the beginning of livestock domestication in Near East in Neolithic era human communities have benefited from goat (Capra hircus).
Four years ago, Mueller and a group of collaborators characterized some of the mystery fungi as varieties in the family of parasol mushrooms and began the task of tracing the history of its domestication.
In their most recent catalogs, Domestications, Linensource and Cuddledown also emphasized their exclusives and what's new in their assortment as a way to sell to their customers.
The genetic findings lend support to the controversial proposal, advanced by Fred Wendorf of Southern Methodist University in Dallas and his coworkers, that cattle domestication emerged in northeastern Africa around 9,000 years ago, independent of any other domestications.
is comprised of the Company's catalog and e-commerce web site portfolio of home fashions, apparel and gift brands, including Domestications, The Company Store, Company Kids, Turiya, Domestications Kitchen & Garden, Kitchen & Home, Encore, Improvements, The Safety Zone, Silhouettes, International Male, Undergear, Scandia Down, and Gump's By Mail.
Whitehead resigned as vice president of merchandising for Domestications last month.
Hanover Direct has integrated its Domestications and The Company Store divisions.
He reports to Farley Nachemin, president of Domestications.
Nachemin has also served as Vice President-Merchandising for the Company's Domestications business.
NEW YORK-Joel Mintz, vice president of the Domestications catalog at Hanover Direct, died Feb.
Its market leading brands include The Company Store, Domestications, Gump's, Improvements and Silhouettes.
While many e-tailers have found themselves stuck in a virtual sand trap, Domestications is moving confidently forward, fine-tuning and perfecting its e-commerce game.