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Oil Corp, X would be considered commercially domiciled in New York.
The New Jersey statute taxes individuals not domiciled in the state as residents if they "maintain a permanent place of abode in the state and spend more than 183 days of the taxable year in the state unless in the U.
of the captives that have been licensed in Vermont, some were originally domiciled offshore, according to Mr.
They are now far more likely to be treated as non-UK domiciled by HMRC and so have more avenues open to them with regard to tax planning.
Mitsubishi is a NewYork corporation headquartered and commercially domiciled in New York.
How do Martha and Elmo become domiciled in Connecticut and cut the cord with New York?
Even the minimal tax advantages afforded to certain offshore domiciled association captives, which Bermuda management companies love to hang their hats on, have been reduced by the narrowing of differences between personal and corporate income taxes in the 1991 budget agreement.
Its nearest competitor is Hawaii, which recently registered its 200th domiciled captive insurer.